How to Take Care of Color Treated Hair

Color treated hair is common among both men and women, but it needs special treatment to retain color and not destroy your hair completely, since the dye is already pretty harsh on the delicate hair shaft. So, here are a few tips to help you take care of your color treated hair.

Use Mild Shampoo and Products

Make sure to use pantene shampoo and conditioner and other products that are safe for color-treated hair. Many beauty lines specialize a few products for this very use, especially because it has become very common. Make sure to avoid harsh soaps and chemicals (like chlorine) and any shampoo that boasts “clean” hair.

Moisturize That Hair

The biggest mistake dyers make is that they do not moisturize enough. Especially if you are bleaching your hair, make sure to moisturize every couple of days, or forego Shampoo altogether. Use a moisture rich conditioner, and use a moisturizing mask about once a week. Also, always try to use cold water since hot water sucks out moisture and makes the hair more dry and brittle. Nurture that hair with some serious moisture!


Only Re-Dye Every Month

Do not re-dye before a month’s time, or you can risk frying your hair and giving it a straw like texture. Any sooner and your hair can break, spit, tangle and resemble hay. This is especially important for short hair, since it tends to need more maintenance. Do not over dye, or your hair will be suffering for it. Stay out of sunlight as well since it tends to have a bleaching effects, especially on fun colors like bright red and pink.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

Sorry- it’s true. The less you wash, the better your hair will be. Use dry shampoo in between washings to help keep your hair from looking too greasy. The longer you can go without washing it, the better. If you have fine hair, every other day should work well, while those with thick hair can go from 5 to 6 days up to a week.

Taking care of color treated hair may seem like a daunting task when you are faced with all of the crazy obstacles you have to overcome to be able to flaunt it. Stay out of the sun and pools, and really limit washing your hair. If you have to wash it, try to use conditioner more and shampoo less often, even if it is a color treatment one. Soon your hair will be dyed and fabulous. If you have a hard time determining whether the dove shampoo, clear shampoo, or another one is better, visit squalet to learn all about it.


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